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Truly Raw Organic Sprouted Almonds, 16oz

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There’s a new nut in town! Introducing Supernova almonds – straight from the beautiful island of Sicily. These almonds are unlike any you’ve tried before: otherworldly with a deep, slightly sweet, fresh almond marzipan flavor.  What Makes Our Almonds Unique? Most (if not all) “raw” almonds available on the market today are actually pasteurized via a steam or chemical process. They may not be “roasted”, but they are certainly cooked. This extra processing lowers the nutritional integrity of the nut, destroying enzymes and compromising key nutrients such as healthy fats, protein, magnesium, and Vitamin E.  Our almonds are truly raw – no heat and no chemicals. Not only are they certified organic, but they are also sustainably grown. While almonds are, by nature, a very water-intensive crop, our partner farm uses sustainable and highly efficient irrigation systems to grow and sustain healthy, productive trees. Harvesting and Processing  Once harvested, our almonds are dried via a traditional sun drying process under the warm Sicilian sun. Instead of immediately de-shelling, are partner farm keeps the nuts in-shell during storage for ultimate freshness. The almonds are de-shelled, gently blanched, and milled into flour directly prior to shipping, which preserves both nutritional integrity and flavor, and extends shelf life.